Ready to swing into action and add a little intimate interior design to your bedroom? Then say goodnight to your boring old bed and hello to the world of sex swings and furniture. These cheeky additions can turn any room into a fun-filled playground and double up as extra chairs when you have the neighbours around for drinks. Just kidding. Unless you and your neighbours are all about “swinging”, of course. 

In this guide, we will dive into the different types of sex swings and furniture, explain how to set them safely and share some tips and tricks for getting the most “bang” for your buck.

The Magic of Motion: Sex Swings 101

Sex swings are the perfect blend of fun and functionality, designed to take your bedroom shenanigans to new heights (literally). These playful contraptions aren't just for horny trapeze artists, they allow you to try out new positions, reduce physical strain and just add a new swing to your thing!

The great thing about sex swings is that there are models to suit different spaces and needs. That means that whether you’re looking to get busy in your cosy flat or have a randy rampant rogering in your stately home, there’s a sex swing for you!

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular swinging selections and how to use them:

Door Swings

  • Perfect for: Apartments, renters and anyone looking for a quick swing before their housemates come home.

  • Setup: Door swings are incredibly easy to install. Simply hang the straps over a sturdy door, close it and you're ready to swing. Just make sure the door can support your weight and won’t pop open mid-fun.

  • How to Use: Door swings are great for face-to-face positions, standing sex and a little backdoor action (pun intended). They’re portable and easy to remove so you can stash them away when your Amazon deliveryman knocks.

Stand-Alone Swings

  • Perfect for: Those who want flexibility and don’t want to mess with their ceilings.

  • Setup: These swings come with their own frame, so there’s no need for drilling. Just assemble the frame, attach the swing and you’re good to go. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure stability.

  • How to Use: Stand-alone swings are versatile and can be used for a variety of positions. From missionary to doggy style, they provide serious support and make transitions between positions smooth and effortless.

Ceiling-Mounted Swings

  • Perfect for: Homeowners and those totally commit to a swinging lifestyle.

  • Setup: Ceiling-mounted swings require a bit more effort. You’ll need to find a sturdy beam or joist, drill holes and secure the swing with heavy-duty hardware. If possible, it’s worth getting an open-minded professional to ensure your swing is installed safely.

  • How to Use: The possibilities are endless with ceiling-mounted swings. They offer the most range of motion and can support more vigorous activities. Experiment with different heights and angles to find what works best for you.

Horny Home Improvements: Sex Furniture 101

Sex furniture is the best way to turn a house into a horny home. Just like sex swings, these pieces are designed to help you experiment with different positions, reduce physical strain and add a bit of zest to your love nest.

Pulled straight from the pages of Good Housekeeping Magazine, here are some of the most popular:

Sex Wedges and Ramps

  • Perfect for: Anyone looking to add some elevation and ease into their play without a major investment.

  • Setup: Sex wedges and ramps are as simple as it gets - just place them where you need extra support. No assembly is required so you can get straight to the fun.

  • How to Use: These angled cushions are great for enhancing classic positions like missionary and doggy style. They can provide better angles, deeper penetration and more comfortable support for both partners. Plus, they’re easy to stash away when not in use.

Sex Chairs, Stools and Ottomans

  • Perfect for: Adding variety and support to a range of positions with their ergonomic designs.

  • Setup: These full-size furniture items may come pre-assembled or may require some minimal assembly. Just follow the instructions and you'll be sitting pretty in no time.

  • How to Use: These pieces can be used for sitting positions, face-to-face action or as support for standing positions. 

Banging Benches

  • Perfect for: Intense, vigorous play and those who enjoy incorporating restraints or sex toys.

  • Setup: Banging benches usually require some assembly. Ensure all parts are securely fastened according to the instructions to prevent any mid-play mishaps.

  • How to Use: These benches are designed for stability during more vigorous activities. The padded surface offers comfort, while the sturdy construction prevents tipping. Many banging benches come with built-in restraints, adding an extra layer of excitement for those interested in a bit of bondage and sometimes have openings with automated sex toys. 

Restraint Furniture

  • Perfect for: BDSM enthusiasts and those looking to explore bondage and restraint play.

  • Setup: Restraint furniture comes with built-in cuffs, straps and hooks for securing your partner. Assembly varies depending on the piece but most come with clear instructions for setting up securely and safely.

  • How to Use: Restraint furniture, such as bondage beds, tables and chairs, is designed to immobilise and support your partner during play. These pieces allow for a wide range of bondage scenarios, from light teasing to more intense restraint play. 

Setting Up for Success

No matter which type of sex swing or furniture you choose, safety and comfort should always be your top priorities. Here are five general tips for set-up:

1. Check the Weight Limit

Make sure your sex swing or furniture can support the combined weight of you and your partner.

2. Secure All Straps and Hooks

If you are using a sex swing or your furniture has restraints or cuffs, double-check all connections before use.

3. Start Slow

If you’re new to sex furniture and swings, start with simpler positions and gradually experiment with more complex ones.

4. Communicate

Keep an open line of communication with your partner to ensure both of you are comfortable and having fun.

5. Regular Maintenance

Inspect your sex furniture and swing regularly for any signs of wear and tear and replace any damaged parts immediately. You should also clean them after every use to keep things horny but hygienic.

Final Thoughts

Sex swings and furniture are the ultimate way to add some extra lift to your love life and may even boost your house price (probably not though). From simple door swings to fully loaded BDSM banging benches, there is a piece for every pleasure! Just make sure you follow the setup instructions, check everything is safe and sturdy and test it our carefully.

With all that done, it’s time to clear out the kitchen, dump the dining table and fill your home with something a little more fun! Happy swinging!


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