Penis sleeves are fast becoming some of the world’s favourite male sex toys. From keeping your soldier at attention to helping him last longer between the sheets, penis sleeves are the ultimate in sexual enhancement devices. If you are getting ready to experiment with your first penis sleeve, choosing one that fits right is important to prevent slippage.


To help you purchase the perfect penis sleeve, here is our easy-to-follow measuring guide. 

1. Get a Tape Measure

We all remember using our school ruler to measure our manhoods when we were younger (just us?) but a plastic ruler is no good for penis sleeve measuring. Instead, get a soft tape measure like you find in a sewing kit. This will provide the flexibility you need to wrap around your penis for accurate measurements. If you can’t find a soft tape measure, you can use a piece of string instead and then measure it afterwards.

2. Measure Your Penis Girth 

The first measurement you are going to need is your girth which is essentially the circumference of your penis. Start by getting yourself hard (we will leave the method up to you!) and wrap your soft tape measure or string around your penis. The best place is around the middle point of your shaft.


Before you take the measurement, consider whether you will be using a harder or softer penis sleeve. A softer sleeve will have a bit more give so you can wrap the tape measure a little tighter and take the measurement. If you are planning on wearing a less flexible, hard penis sleeve, you don’t want it too tight because then there will be no room for sliding your old fellow in.

3. Measure Your Penis Length

Next, you are going to need a measurement of the length of your penis when it is erect. Again, this is super straightforward with a soft tape measure or a piece of string. Take your measuring device, and measure from the tip of your penis to the base. 


Crucially, this length measurement is not as important as the girth one because many men use a penis sleeve as an extender anyway. However, you don’t want a sleeve that’s way too short or way too long so knowing your length can still be very useful.

4. Choose the Right Penis Sleeve for You

Now you have all your dick dimensions, it’s time for some penis sleeve retail therapy. Tickle and Twist has a vast array of penis sleeves in sizes to fit everyone! When you are checking out our selection, make sure that any sleeves you like come in the length and (most importantly) girth you need. If in doubt, feel free to contact us directly and we can help you choose the right penis sleeve for you.

Final Thoughts

Measuring for a penis sleeve is super easy and will ensure you get the most out of your new toy. There are loads of fantastic penis sleeves to choose from and with a snug and secure fit, they can enhance all your shenanigans between the sheets. We hope this simple guide has helped and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!




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